Entwickler für internationales Medienunternehmen gesucht

September 25, 2009

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International Media Company with offices across Europe is looking for experienced programmers for its new start-up in Zürich. Candidates should be fluent in English, German and French. They should also possess the minimum qualifications mentioned below. We offer an exciting chance to create a consumer-oriented business from scratch, a competitive salary, a stimulating and multinational working environment, and a dynamic, small, and smart team environment. Only English language CV’s will be considered.

Minimum qualifications
 Educational background in programming
 Advanced level programming in C language (ANSI)
 Intermediate level programming in PHP
 PL/SQL knowledge (user level, not sysadmin level)
 HTML knowledge
 Unix shell commands (scripts, crontabs…)
 Linux skills as user

 Programming in Javascript
 Subversion or CVS systems
 Perl and/or Python scripting
 Apache webserver configuring

Key responsibilities may include
 Designing, coding and testing software modules that meet design specifications
 Creating, executing and documenting the tests necessary to ensure that an application meets performance requirements (technical, functional and user interface)
 Participating in identifying configuration changes to applications so that they meet business process requirements
 Co-ordination & training together with co-workers from all over Europe

Personality Characteristics
 Successful candidates should be dynamic, hard working, ambitious and good team players.
 Good communication skills in both English, German and French are required
 Flexibility in working with virtual teams is important.
 Willing to travel abroad for work

We offer
 A competitive salary
 A stimulating and multinational working environment
 A dynamic small and smart team environment

Bewerbungen bitte in Englisch an folgende Email senden: helena.ahlstroem@result.com


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